Bergseth Brothers
December 3rd – 7th, 2018

Our annual Week of Giving is a week-long event that took place at Bergseth Brothers in December 2017. It is scheduled for the 2nd year in a row for the first week of December 2018. Bergseth Brothers has generously agreed to host us yet again! The Bergseth Brothers’ facility serves as our staging ground for all the products purchased through the fundraising efforts at the Great North Pole Gala.

Through community partnerships and philanthropic community members, we were able to purchase just short of 100 different products from basic needs (products like deodorant and toothbrushes) to items like winter hats, pillows, blankets, to multiple food items and even included a few games for the kids like Jenga & Uno. The Great Plains Food bank is another community partner that helps us arrange over a week’s worth of food to be delivered to our families.

Our non-profit is 100% volunteer operated and this extends from the Board of Directors to the Great North Pole Gala to the Week of Giving. Many volunteers from the community delivered helpful holiday boxes to 286 families in 2017…over 1,250 individuals! We are excited for December 2018 when we plan to double the number of families we intend to help.

This is only possible due to generous partners, an extremely giving community, and a community of volunteers that is passionate about giving back to friends and neighbors that need a little help over the Christmas season.