Bergseth Brothers
December 6th – 10th, 2021

Picture hundreds of elves (volunteers) coming together for five days, to fill stockings (boxes) into Santa’s sleigh (your car). Our annual Week of Giving is a week-long event that has taken place at Bergseth Brothers since inception. This December, the 6th – 10th, will be the 4th year that our partners at Bergseth Brothers will have hosted this grand event. It truly is our North Pole. The Bergseth Brothers’ facility serves as our staging ground for all the gifts and products purchased during the fundraising efforts at the Great North Pole Gala, Giving Hearts Day, and other Secret Santa’s throughout the year.

Through community partnerships and philanthropic community members, we were able to purchase over 100 assorted products from basic needs (products like deodorant and toothbrushes) to items like winter gear, (coats, snow pants, hats & gloves) various food items, and games for the kids like Jenga & Uno. The Great Plains Food bank is another community partner that helps us arrange over 2 weeks’ worth of food to be delivered to our families!

Our non-profit is a volunteer-based community effort and extends from the Board of Directors to the Great North Pole Gala, to the Week of Giving. With the exception of our executive director, The Great North Pole is 100% volunteers. Hundreds of volunteers from the community package and deliver helpful holiday cheer. In 2017, there were holiday boxes delivered to 286 families. It climbed quickly to 621 families in just one year. Our non-profit helped over 855 families, made up of 2,700 people in 2019!

This was only possible due to generous partners, an extremely giving community, and an army of elves (over 1,250 in 2019) that are enthusiastic about giving back to friends and neighbors that need a little help over the Christmas season.

Sadly, like many other valued traditions, due to Covid we were unable to complete our mission in 2020. We were unable to host The Gala in September or the Week of Giving in December. However, we were blessed that through the generous donors on Giving Hearts Day, we were still able to supply 3,124 winter coats, snow pants, hats, and mittens! Our local schools distributed these items to those in need, filling the huge void of us unable to deliver during the pandemic. It is truly heart moving how our communities continue to give in good times and in bad.